#1 A crypto: the graph

DYOR : Do Your Own Research, this is not an investment advice

The graph is a project that creates an infrastructure to facilitate the development of decentralized applications (dAPP) via their protocol that allows simpler interaction with data on a blockchain.

The token was listed yesterday (17/12/2020) and is already on notable exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase and shows a performance of +50% between today and yesterday.

Why is this project interesting?

Creating a decentralized application is complex, using this type of infrastructure facilitates development and allows teams to focus on the product or service they want to create.
The presence of professional investors recognized in the sector, such as Coinbase Ventures or Digital Currency Group.

Usage statistics indicate an increase in the use of their services with between 300 and 400 million queries per day in November.

The project has been audited by leading industry players including OpenZeppelin, TrailOfBits and Consensys Dilligence.

TheGraph is already used by the most important projects and notably Uniswap or Synthetix.

Uniswap : 950M capitalization
Synthetix : 643M capitalization
Decentraland: 129M capitalizatio
Aragon : 125M capitalization

Comparison and Potential: A Project on the Scale of ChainLink

To get an idea of the potential growth of the project, let’s look at ChainLink, which is an infrastructure-type project, but at the level of the oracles. Listed for about 3 years, the project has an insolent performance of 9193.8%.


TheGraph is a project with a real value proposition: simplifying the interaction with the data on the blockchain. The project has demonstrated strong fundamentals (investors, team). It is a project whose product is already used and notably by stars in the industry. It will be interesting to follow the evolution of this project and see if new entrants will rely in part on their service to create new projects.

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